Trustee Board

Chairperson:  Lenward Walker, Jr.            Vice Chairperson:  Darryl Jackson

The Board of Trustees provides a place of worship and takes charge of and protects/provides oversight of the church property with all of its assets, in trust for the membership, receives and disburses funds allocated to it or raised by it, pays bills, makes such improvements as may be necessary from time to time; and assures that order and decorum are at all times observed in the church.


Steward Board

Chairperson:  Andre Bennett.            Vice Chairperson:  Beverly Rogers

The Steward Board takes an exact account of all the monies or other contributions for the support of the Pastor in Charge and applies the same as the AME Zion Book of Discipline directs.  The Stewards give accurate report of the collections and application of money passing through their hands at each Quarterly Conference.

Class Leaders

Leader of Leaders: Beverly Hogue

Class Leaders are also known as sub-pastors.  Each class leader is assigned a certain number of church members, to which they stay in contact, pray for/with and report regularly to the pastor on their health, well-being and how their souls are prospering.

Deaconess Board

President:  Beverly W. Hunt           Vice President:  Catherine Hoffman

This Board of consecrated women is dedicated to the arduous task of relieving the needy and giving of themselves, without reservation, to the service of the Lord.  They are duty bound to go about doing good and ministering to the needs of a sin-sick world, visiting the sick, ministering to the poor, praying for the dying, caring for the orphans, seeking the wandering, comforting the sorrowing, saving the sinners and always being ready to take on any duty for which willing hands cannot otherwise be found. Deaconess are charged with preparation of Holy Communion, assisting the pastor with serving Communion and preparation of candidates for Baptism.


Stewardess Board

President:  Ms. Beverly Rogrs            Vice President:

The Stewardess assists the Stewards and Preacher’s Steward in making provisions for the support and comfort of the Pastor and his/her family and serves in any other capacity the Pastor deems necessary.


Christian Education

Ex-Officio Chairman:  Rev. Dr. Raymon Hunt            Director:  Marcia M. Black

The Christian Education Department (CED) is responsible for the promotion and supervision of the Christian training and development of the entire membership. The CED provides supervision, guidance, direction and programmatic support of the Christian training and nurture of children, youth, young adults and adults. Often described as a “cradle to the grave” ministry, Christian Education supports Christian development in the home, church and school.


CED offers workshops, seminars, conferences and conventions that help develop effective skills in Christian Educators for those striving for a closer walk with the Lord and establishes curriculum and other standards to support Christian Education programs at every level of the church.



Parent Body Missionary

President:  Sharon Gabriel           Vice President:  Johnnie Waldo

The purpose of the Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society (WH&OMS) is to promote growth in the knowledge and understanding of God and His plan of redemption for the world, as revealed through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit; teach the concepts of Christian missions and provide experiences for participation in mission work and its ministries, exemplify the principles of Christian living and to win others to Christ; and promote the cause of world evangelism through the power of the Holy Spirit so that Christ is exalted and God is glorified.


Young Adult Missionary Society (Y.A.M.S.)

Coordinator:  Marcia M. Black            Asst. Coordinator:  Valerie Gibbons

The Y.A.M.S. unite women, ages 22–40 for mission service in the church and community.  The prime objective is to be involved in social concerns such as child abuse, teenage pregnancies, drug dependency, world hunger, etc.  The Y.A.M.S. provide an opportunity for the individual Christian growth of its members and witness through the use of their time, talent, and treasure.


Youth Missionary Society

Secretary:  Elaine Cooper       Youth Secretary:  LaKiya Cooper

The Youth Missionary Society provides the opportunity and privilege for young ladies to serve others. Young men are allowed to become honorary members.


Buds of Promise

Coordinator:  Sharon Gabriel

The Buds of Promise are the juvenile society of the WH&OM Society. The mission is to establish Christian learning environments and experiences for all children (ages 1 through 12) through mission education. These experiences will enable each child to acquire the knowledge, beliefs and attitudes that are essential to his/her spiritual development as an individual and are necessary for the attainment of a meaningful life.


Bureau of Supply

President:  Doretha Cooper-Davis

The Bureau of Supply solicits funds and supplies for home and overseas missionary work.


Life Members Council

President:  TBS

The Life Members Council organizes all Life Members, Matrons, Patrons, and Honorary Life members into a local council.  An investment in this department is an investment in the lives of Zion’s greatest resource: Her People!



President:  Shelly Maxton            Vice President:  Andre Jackson

The Lay Council promotes loyalty and unselfish support of the local church, strengthens the church knowledge and spirituality of the lay people, by holding periodic meetings and workshops, as well as, aids in brotherly fellowship by holding various programs and events.



Byron Sanders, Minister of Music

The overall mission of the music ministry is to provide an opportunity for kingdom service, praise through music and to encourage and foster Christian development of all members. 

Voice of Joy Choir (Adult)

The Voices of Joy ministers the word of God and witness through a blend of traditional and contemporary gospel music, as well as, spirituals and hymns.  “The Voices” are the mainstay of the music ministry at Moore’s, singing the first and third Sundays of each month.

Hymn Choir

The Hymn Choir ministers by preserving the ancestral hymns of the early church (before instruments) with a mixture of traditional choir, quartet and mid-century selections.

Voices of Tomorrow Choir (Children)

The Voices of Tomorrow is a more contemporary ministry of the music by the younger generation with a strong emphasis on three-part harmonics.  This Voices of Tomorrow also includes a component of training and confidence building by liturgical participation in the worship service.


Praise Team

The Praise Team’s primary focus is to set the tone for the worship experience and to provide a transition point from the pressures of daily living by invocation and welcoming the Holy Spirit of God into the worship service.



President:  Gail Richards            Vice President:  Sandra Jackson

Junior Usher Board

President:  Andre Jackson            Vice President:  Tyree Clyburn, Jr.

Also known as the door keepers of the church, ushers greet the people warmly and are persons of great patience and understanding, overseeing the church congregation and visitors, with regard to seating direction, order and decorum, spot trouble, illness and any other necessity.



Mr. Greg Gabriel

The Men’s Booster Ministry promotes, develops and enhances the principles of Christian manhood by precept and example through worship, discipleship, stewardship, fellowship, scholarship and sportsmanship”.  “Producing Godly Men: One Soul At A Time,”  the Men’s Booster participates in activities such as… fun days, basketball leagues, scholarship funds, maintenance at Dorothy Walls Conference and Retreat Center (Black Mountain, NC) and other outreach programs developed to support both the young and the old.



, Chairman            Mr. Lenward Walker, Jr.            Mr. Darryl Jackson

The Boys to Men Ministry’s goal is to bring in and build godly young men to learn and perpetuate the teachings of Christ, improves academic achievement, social competence and avoidance of problem/high risk behavior, by providing relationships with mentors to uplift youth to their potential.”  Most recently, the group has involved young men in the following:

  • Annual Men’s Booster Conference
  • Back to school drives
  • College tour
  • Historical tour
  • Sleep-in at the gym with speakers on Saturday morning
  • Golf outings and other events to help mentor young men



The Nurses’ Guild is charged with meeting emergencies during the course of a worship service.  This group is comprised of RNs and Practical Nurses who take blood pressure readings, check pulse rates and care for any other limited health needs, as well as, advise if further medical attention and possible hospitalization is needed, based on their examination.



Ms. Hestella Redic and Staff

The Sunday Children’s Nursery is designed to cater to the needs and spiritual nurturing of young children, while their parents enjoy the morning worship service.  This ministry, by no means, is not for babysitting children, but to teach them the Word of God on a level of their understanding and preparation practices and order of the morning praise and worship service.



Mr. Ervin Reid

This team has the responsibility of educating and updating the church congregation on voting activities,   informing on the various rules and regulations of registration, local activities, as well as distribute local area information, regarding locations and timetables.  The team disseminates voter registration forms and return same to the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections office to ensure that everyone’s right to vote is properly acknowledged and correctly exercised.



President:  Shelly Maxton            Vice President:  Mary Wilmore

The Spiritual Links promote spiritual nurturing and development of ministries through collaboration and community outreach.



President:  Rosetta Erwin            Vice President:  Betty Hairston

Adults age 50 and up enjoy participative worship by getting together to laugh, eat, travel, pray and to serve God in meaningful activities.